Meet the Band



El Modernist delivers a new take on the world of indie rock. With pulsating hooks and lush melodic waves of psychedelia, the band combines upbeat, catchy garage-rock with a modern alternative hip-hop sound.

(Which is a fancy way of saying they sing and play guitars and sometimes raps happen and it's fun)

El Modernist brings an energy to the stage that resonates with fans of all ages. All members come from diverse musical backgrounds and find great joy in blending various influences, creating something entirely their own. Featuring a concoction of acoustic and electronic drums with screaming guitar riffs, every El Modernist show is a party that you do not want to miss.

El Modernist has been extremely grateful for the tremendous support of their fans and the Albany music scene. It has been a terrific experience playing shows with spectacular local and touring acts, as well as working with artists of all genres to help curate the “We Are Albany NY” Spotify playlist, a playlist which features music from any/all Albany natives and alumni who wish to join. Moving forward, El Modernist is excited to continue to release new music and pursue further show opportunities through out the Capital Region, North East and beyond.

Founded in 2018, El Modernist brings you today's s**t. *

* “Music” for Newspapers ;) <3



Will Fredette
Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Will Hahn
Drums / Rapper

Taylor MacMillan
Lead Guitar

Joe DeTillio
Bass / Backing Vocals